Saturday, June 28, 2008

Information on Aids

40 Million people worldwide are infected with HIV. But there's a lot of confusion about HIV&AIDS. For instance, some people think that HIV&AIDS is mostly a disease that occurs among homosexuals. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The vast majority of people with HIV&AIDS is heterosexual, and more than 50 percent is female.

How to get Rid Of Hiv?
Some people think that one can get HIV just by touching or kissing somebody. This is not true. In day-to-day regular human relations the chances of getting infected are very slim.

Regular asexual human contact does not lead to an HIV-infection. You don't get HIV from: shaking somebody's hand, French-kissing, using the toilet right after someone with HIV or AIDS used it, using somebody's cup, sleeping in a stranger's bed or 'inhaling' a stranger's sneeze or cough. You also cannot get HIV from: giving first aid, food supplies, insects, swimming water or by using a sauna. In short, there's no reason to behave any differently around a person with HIV or AIDS then you would with other people.

How many people effected through Aids?

*In 2006 2.9 million people died of AIDS.

*24.9 million people from sub-Sahara Africa are infected with HIV.

*In 2006 2.9 million people from sub-Sahara Africa got infected with HIV.

*In 2006 2.1 million people from sub-Sahara Africa died of AIDS.

*There are 15 million AIDS orphans worldwide.

*Two-third of all new HIV-infected young Africans are women.

*50 percent of all new HIV-infected people are youngsters between the ages of 15 to 24.

*Only 24 percent of all HIV&AIDS patients has access to medicines.

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